Heat Meter Verification (CHP)

To maintain registration under the CHPQA Programme, CHP heat meters need to be verified every two (2) years. As stated by the guidance: “All meters that are used for self-assessment that are not independently calibrated by others (such as gas or electricity supply companies) should be regularly calibrated or validated in accordance with a calibration schedule. For heat meters that are supplied as a package comprising a flow meter, a pair of temperature sensors and a calculator (BS EN 1434-1:2007) verification is required in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification; verification of secondary components such as transducers, transmitters and computations should occur every 2 years”.

A typical verification takes 1½-2 hours. Equipment that may be used would include a portable ultrasonic flowmeter, infra-red thermometer and laptop with download software. Following a successful verification, a certificate is issued which shows how the meters performed during the verification.

Our Services include:

  • Attend site and carry out non-invasive heat meter verification procedure, checking:
  • Accuracy of the flow meter
  • Accuracy of the temperature probes
  • Accuracy of the heat integrator
  • Identification of faults and recommendations for improvements
  • Issue of Heat Meter Verification Certificate

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