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Energy Training Day

Learning and education through training is crucial to the fundamental understanding of energy management.

The behaviour of staff and other users (students, patients, customers etc.) and their awareness of energy play a key part in reducing energy consumption. It is estimated that up to 20% of total energy can be saved by adopting and maintaining best practice.

Undertaking an appropriate range of specific training and broader awareness raising will contribute substantially to any plan to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact in general.

Package 1: School Energy Day

School energy training is dedicated to the educating of children, young adults and teachers, to the benefit of energy saving within the school and at home. The day involves games, quizzes and prizes for all involved with the aim of leaving them with a fuller understanding of the environmental choices they will make in the future.

Package 2: Commercial Energy Training

Package 2: Commercial Energy Training We can deliver one-to-one training, group presentations, and even conferences for large audiences.
  • Energy awareness training for non-technical staff
  • Training Energy Champions
  • Technical training to suit the needs of individual departments or sites
  • Train-the-trainer for very large or multi-site organisations - for example for regional managers or factory supervisors
  • Training aimed at senior managers
  • PowerPoint presentations to form part of the induction process for organisations with a large staff turnover
  • Input into web-based energy awareness tools - for example for universities
  • Support for energy awareness campaigns

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